The brand

Welcome to our world.

Today you are witnessing the birth of a new French luxury brand.

“Rêve de Louis” is coming to life under your very eyes, revealing its very first creation: “KUBYA”, a hybrid between an item of mobile furniture and a prestigious piece of high-end jewellery.

“Rêve de Louis” was created this year by Louis, a discrete designer.

The piece

KUBYA was forged in the dreams of Louis, our designer. Half way between an item of mobile furniture and a piece of high-end jewellery, this creation creates a bridge between the 1930s, the world of today and of the future.

KUBYA took 2 years to research and develop.

Price: €165,000 (VAT included – 20%) (Size of the piece 25,20 inch)

pictures: © Thierry Prat


You can see the creation only by appointment.

Contact infos:

Adress: 7 Place Vendôme – Cour Vendôme, 75001 Paris