Miminne, the luxury black leather clutch bag, trimmed with pink gold and diamond.

The MIMINNE clutch bag takes its inspiration directly from our KUBYA creation, the most luxurious jewelled lamp in the world. The same stylistic line can be found in the solid gold baguette. Like KUBYA, our designer Louis has created MIMINNE to serve as a bridge between the 1930s, the present and the world of the future.

MIMINNE is 100% made in France, handcrafted by our leather and jewellery craftsmen.

The baguette trim on MIMINNE is covered in 18-carat pink gold. The signature logo stitched on the bag is also 18-carat gold and incrusted with a genuine diamond.

These elements bring our creation into the realm of jewellery, making MIMINNE a real gem.

The evening bag is made from very high-quality black leather. The clasp is stitched into the leather beneath our diamond signature for a discrete and highly luxurious finish.

Opening our creation will plunge you into a delicate interior of pure pink leather. Inside MIMINNE, the house name is embroidered on a silk square. We are also able to embroider your name or a message inside your personal copy.

Your clutch bag will be engraved with its name and serial number directly on the 18-carat covered baguette.

Only 88 MIMINNE clutch bags will be available in the world, and yours will be a unique piece.

Price: €4,480

Opening of sales on June 1st, for more information, or for a pre-order, thank you kindly contact us by mail