The piece: KUBYA

The maison Rêve de Louis is delighted to present KUBYA, the most luxurious jewelled lamp in the world, of which only 9 copies  will be made to order and can be viewed exclusively at the Place Vendôme in Paris.

KUBYA was forged in the dreams of Louis, our designer. Half way between an item of mobile furniture and a piece of high-end jewellery, this creation creates a bridge between the 1930s, the world of today and of the future.

Price: €165,000 (VAT included – 20%) (Size of the piece 25,20 inch)

Pictures: © Thierry Prat

Carbon, gold and diamonds

The body of KUBYA is made of varnished carbon, of the type you would find in a Formula 1 race car, racing yachts or in the most prestigious luxury car brands.

Carbon is used at the summit of motor racing and in aeronautics. The carbon is comprised of carbon fibres measuring five to ten microns in diameter and composed mainly of carbon atoms. They collect into microscopic crystals that are aligned along the fibre. The alignment of crystals makes the fibre highly resistant. Several thousands of carbon fibres are wound together to form a thread, which is then woven into a fabric and solidified, by heating the carbon with resin.

Our designer fell in love with this extraordinary material, which when varnished, offers a perfect texture for light to play on.

To bring KUBYA to life, we manufactured 4 unique moulds, used to produce the carbon parts for the body and the foot. These elements were manufactured in France by skilled carbon specialists who make the yachts that win many races and prizes around the world.

KUBYA’s body is adorned with strips of solid 18-carat gold, running the length of the piece from top to bottom. These magnificent precious baguettes are incrusted into the carbon and bolted from the inside with twenty-four tiny screws, all made of solid 18-carat gold. One by one, they are produced and adjusted in France, by the hand of an artisan jeweller for a very high-quality finish. Adorning either side of the piece, the baguettes measure over 2.1 metres long in total.

Each KUBYA is decorated with more than 380g of solid 18-carat gold, the weight of 100 rings. Incrusted in the gold and carbon at each end of the 6 precious baguettes are 3 diamonds, adorning the piece with 18 precious stones; a total of 1.74 carats of diamonds.

The foot of the lamp is signed, in solid 18-carat gold, with the letter “o” of the brand signature embellished with a diamond measuring 5 millimetres in diameter, or half a carat. This diamond is also incrusted directly in the gold and carbon. The carbon behind the diamond is pierced so that when lit, the diamond shines from the inside out.

To switch on KUBYA, the most luxurious lamp in the world, just wave your hand over the foot without even touching the piece. The light ribbon running all around the body of KUBYA will light up to diffuse its gentle light. The ribbon, measuring over 1.10 m long is made of glass assembled by a master glassmaker, and perfectly marries the shape of the piece.

KUBYA’s light diffused by its unique ribbon, offers an incomparable, soft warm glow, which can be dimmed according to your mood.

(The creation is visible only by appointment and appointments can only be made using the contact page on our website).

Price: €165,000 (VAT included – 20%) (Size of the piece 25,20 inch)

Pictures: © Thierry Prat