The story of a dream

Louis was born in France to a modest family.

At the tender age of two, his father was made redundant and in this situation, saw the hand of destiny which enabled him to spend more time with his second-born son. This hard-working father decided to live his life differently, at least for a time, refusing any offers of work or social assistance to devote himself fully to the education of his young boy.

During this period, courageously and creatively, he started renovating and converting the family home, with the help of little Louis, who was passing tiles to his dad even before he took his first steps. Louis’ toys were in a tool box and his first works of art found form through his father’s paint brushes.

One day, his primary school teacher sought out Louis’ mother during a parent-teacher meeting. She pointed out the fact that, among the drawings that hung on the classroom walls, those by Louis stood out. The teacher was convinced that Louis would one day find his calling in an artistic profession. Louis’ aptitude for design was clearly established. He was only 4 years old.

On the morning of his fifth birthday, Louis jumped excitedly on his big brother’s bike and set off on his first outing around a car park that adjoined the family home. His feet hardly touched the pedals, and in this car park full of cars, Louis had no choice but to jump off the bicycle to stop! Louis’ parents, who had witnessed the whole scene in terror, were astounded by the gesture, but above all, they were impressed by his determination which seemed unstoppable. In the years that followed, Louis never left his bicycle.

A new arrival in the family meant that Louis shared a bedroom with his new baby sister, the first major happy event in his life. Louis took his responsibilities very seriously and with no bidding from anyone, spent days and nights protecting his little sister. For 3 years, his sister shared his bedroom, the walls of which were covered with dozens of Louis’ drawings.

As the years passed, drawings continued to paper the walls of the house and Louis continued spending time with his father who passed on his skills in carpentry and wood sculpture. Louis also spent many weekends admiratively watching his father painting pointillism or making sculptures in clay.

A new creation

By 2011, Louis had grown into a man.

One morning, he awoke with the images of his previous night’s dream still vivid in his mind. He sat up in bed, took a black felt tip pen and drew his dream, which that night was a couch, somewhere between a piece of furniture and a musical instrument.

Louis decided to spend all his waking hours on his creation, seen on the web in 44 countries and covered in several dozens of press articles in over 20 countries.

Its features led Louis’ couch to be recognised as the most luxurious couch in the world.

At the time, Louis did not have the necessary funds to manufacture all the prototypes required by such a creation and it was never actually produced. However, Louis was unconcerned however, as his main goal was to face the world and know that he could move people, as he had moved his primary school teacher all those years before.

In 2016, a new creation appeared to Louis in a dream, and unlike the first, evolved over several dreams to take its final shape, which Louis baptised KUBYA. The only place to present his creation, Louis thought, was in the prestigious Place Vendôme in Paris.

Armed with the same courage and tenacity as when he climbed on his brother’s bicycle, Louis left Brittany in his car and drove off to conquer the Place Vendôme.

His aim was to present his KUBYA project, the most luxurious jewelled lamp in the world, and create a new luxury brand that would bear the name “Rêve de Louis” (Louis’ Dream). Determined to show off his work, Louis went around the Place Vendôme, explaining and presenting his project to the prestigious jewellers on the square. Obviously, Louis would not be able to meet high-level decision-makers without an appointment, so in every boutique on the square, he left an envelope with a card explaining his vision. Almost immediately, he was contacted by two jewellers for a meeting. Following his two meetings, Louis understood that one maison shared his lifelong philosophy, based on simplicity, humanity and a passion for creation.

Louis therefore asked Mathieu Tournaire of the maison TOURNAIRE to exhibit his creation “KUBYA” in their boutique on the Place Vendôme. He showed the creation to the other members of the family, and particularly to Philippe Tournaire, father and founder of the artisan jeweller TOURNAIRE. The family was unanimous and informed Louis.

KUBYA by the maison Rêve de Louis will be inaugurated and exhibited exclusively in the maison TOURNAIRE boutique at 7, Place Vendôme in Paris. (The creation will only be visible by appointment and requests for appointments can only be made through the contact page of our website).